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2: #hospice #palliative The Role of Hospice in Senior Living Communities


Isolation is tough on everyone. People are tired. Many of us feel like we're running an ultramarathon, and we have no idea where the end lies. 


During this time, people who receive a six-month prognosis know they won't outlive the pandemic. That realization has led many hospice professionals to redouble their efforts. 


We have vital work to do. 


In this episode of NetSmart, Jason Banks, vice president of post acute care for Netsmart talks with Balu Natarajan, M.D., chief medical officer with Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care. 


Jason and Balu discussed: 


- How COVID has impacted the way hospice and palliative care professionals work in senior living commuities 


- Ways we can improve hospice service during the pandemic 


- The future of hospice and palliative care in senior living communities 


- How the average person can help serve hospice staff during COVID 


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