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Episode · 1 year ago

4. #hospice Caring for COVID-19 Patients


In COVID hotspots, hospitals and other health care providers quickly rose to the occasion this spring when faced with a rapid influx of new patients. Catholic Home Care & Good Shepherd Hospice on Long Island cared for more than 1,100 COVID-positive patients and 400 hospice patients who are COVID positive. They've also kept a rehospitalization rate to less than 1%. How did they do it? 


Kim Kranz, president at Catholic Home Care & Good Shepherd Hospice, joined this episode of NetSmart CareThreads to talk about what's involved in taking care of patients with COVID-19. 


What we discussed with Kim: 


- The challenges of scaling up services rapidly during a pandemic 


- Advice for home health organizations in new COVID hotspots 


- How to provide solutions during a time of shortage in primary medicine 


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