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Netsmart CareThreads

Episode · 4 weeks ago

5 Key Elements Driving the Delivery of Behavioral Health Services


Recent history has impacted many foundational elements of the behavioral health care delivery system as we know it. To make the most of the opportunities before us, we need to understand five key elements that are driving the delivery of behavioral health services.

In this episode, I speak with Bob Sheehan, CEO at Co mmunity Mental Health Association of Michigan, about the complex factors influencing the behavioral health services delivery system today and in the future.

Join Bob and me as we discuss these five key elements:

  • Growth of managed care and risk management
  • Adequate funding
  • Integration with primary care
  • Role of public and private sector and service delivery
  • Changing community expectations
  • Bonus: Bob’s optimism and encouragement about the future of behavioral health services

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