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Episode · 3 months ago

Fill Your Bucket: Self Care for the Busy Caregiver


One key concept emerged from navigating the pandemic over the past year — self care.

How can leaders of community providers across post-acute and human services navigate self care for themselves and their team members?

In this episode of Netsmart CareThreads, Sonnie Linebarger, Chief Operating Officer at Bristol Hospice, talks about how caregivers can maximize their effectiveness by prioritizing self care. Sonnie’s words of advice transcend all communities of care where clinicians are caring for the vulnerable in our society including mental health, addictions treatment, senior care, and home care.

Specifically, Sonnie discusses:

- What self care means (and doesn't mean) for caregivers

- Exploding the myth that self care is selfish

- How hospice leaders can model great self care for their team members

This discussion with Sonnie Linebarger was taken from our show Netsmart CareThreads. If you want to hear more episodes like this one, check us out on Apple Podcasts.If you don’t use Apple Podcasts, you can find every episode here.

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