Netsmart CareThreads
Netsmart CareThreads

Episode · 8 months ago

#Seniorliving Seniors Embrace an Integrated Virtual Care Experience


70%of healthcare consumers prefer to receive virtual services for their conditions. And 72% prefer to track their health status virtually.

Despite this consumer demand, however, just 2% of healthcare providers offered 80% or more of their services virtually as of 2019.

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed care delivery, resulting in mass-adoption of telehealth.

How can organizations navigate this new virtual world?

In this episode of Netsmart CareThreads, we spoke with Megan Gresham-Ulrich, vice president of marketing and business development, and Mark Plunkett, corporate director of information technology at Maple Knoll Communities.

Here's what Megan and Mark discussed:

- Why Maple Knoll chose to be a technology-first organization

- How technology is revolutionizing senior care

- Ways technology will change the senior care delivery experience

- Supporting technological innovation through grants

This discussion with Megan Gresham-Ulrich and Mark Plunkett was sampled from our show, Netsmart CareThreads. If you want to hear more episodes like this one, check us out on Apple Podcasts.

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